Rates & Policies

Monthly Water Rates

Your Minimum Monthly Bill Will Be:

1″ or smaller outlet meter: $18.00 minimum
11/2 ” to 2″ outlet meter: $36.00 minimum
Greater than 2″ outlet meter to be determined by the FWD Board of Trustees

Your Minimum Monthly Bill Will Be Calculated According to the Following Billing Schedule:

0-1000 gallons: $10.00 minimum
Next 4000 gallons: $10.00 per 1000
5,001 gallons – 50,000 gallons: $ 6.95 per 1000
50,001 gallons – 100,000 gallons:  $7.45 per 1000
100,001 gallons and up:  $7.95 per 1000

• For example:

 1,000 gallons of water would = $28.00 (minimum basic rate)

Total Cost = $28.00

• For example:

10,000 gallons of water would be calculated as follows:
$28.00 (minimum basic rate)
$40.00 (Next 4,000 Gallons at $10.00 per 1,000 Gallons)
$34.75 (Next 5,000 Gallons at $6.95 per 1,000 Gallons)

                                                                 Total Cost = $102.75

Tap-On Fees

Fountain Water District’s Construction of New Line Extensions:
Effective March 1, 2013, tap-on fees are $2,500.00 for Fountain Water District services. A $50.00 payment is due at contract signing.  $2,450.00 is due upon advertising for bids. A late connection of $1000.00 will be charged if customer is not  connected to the Fountain Water District system within one year of the installation of their water service.

Fountain Water District Service Connection Fees on Existing Water Lines
Effective March 1, 2013, tap-on fees are $4,000 for Fountain Water District services. This fee is due at the time of signing an application for water service and prior to the installation of water service.

Customers requiring a service line larger than 1” will be assessed a $200.00 surcharge. The Fountain Water District reserves the right to reduce water consumption on these taps when it is necessary to ensure adeqaute water pressure. The customer will pay all the costs of material on these larger taps.

Other Fees

A $100.00 fee shall be charged to those customers who wish to reconnect to Fountain Water District service after requesting water service to be discontinued, or have had water service discontinued due to delinquency in bill payment.

A 10% penalty shall be assessed to a customer’s monthly water service account when not paid by the due date specified on the customer’s billing statement.

All rates, policies, & information are subject to change. If you have a question please contact the FWD. Please contact the FWD for updates, questions, & clarifications regarding these policies.