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Fountain Water District | Service Area

Please read the Fountain Water District’s Rules & Regulations

*See rules and regulations for location of meter vaults and responsibility of the homeowner
for connecting to the meter and cross connection rules.

Rules & Regulations

Step by Step

1. Review the FWD service Rules & Regulations. Contact the Fountain Water District office to secure a contract for water service.

2. A $50.00 deposit is required to effectuate the contract. The balance of the contract amount for water service is due when the meter vault is to be installed. If a new line extension is required to provide service, the balance of the contract amount is due when the bid for the extension is let.

3. Fountain Water District installs a meter vault and six foot extension for the homeowner to tap onto.

4. The homeowner contracts with a plumber to connect his home to the Fountain Water District waterline. The Fountain Water District then installs the customer’s water meter and turns on water service.

5. Take a drink & enjoy the benefits, quality, and dependability of Fountain Water District’s water service.


Additional Considerations

If the district has no plans to serve the applicant’s needs, it is necessary to meet with the Fountain Water District Board of Trustees to discuss the  possibility of an extension of the district’s water main.

If the applicant is in an area outside the boundaries of the Fountain Water District, and the area is directly adjacent to the boundaries of the district,  the area can be annexed into the district by petition, by securing signatures of 75% of the property owners in the annexable area.