About Fountain Water District

Fountain Water District | Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Fountain Water District groundbreaking ceremony December 18, 1992.

Not-For-Profit Public Utility

The Fountain Water District was formed by order of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners in 1978. Due to funding problems and high interest rates, the district did not begin operation until 1993. The District is a not-for-profit entity and is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees that is responsible for determining rates for service, district policies and expansions, and other matters related to the management and operation of the Fountain Water District. The members of the Board of Trustees reside within the district’s bounds and are appointed by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners to serve five year, alternating terms. The Board elects a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary – treasurer internally.

Self Sustaining

The Fountain Water District has no taxing authority and therefore secures its capital for construction and expansion projects by issuing revenue bonds. Operation and maintenance costs, bond and interest repayment costs, bond reserve funds, and depreciation reserve funds are all funded by water sales revenues. The FWD currently provides more than 1,300 rural customers and the city of Valmeyer with water service.

One Mission

The Fountain Water District’s mission is to provide water service to customers in rural Monroe County who would not otherwise have access to water service other than private wells or cisterns. Just as the Rural Electric Administration once transformed rural life by extending electric service to rural residents, the Fountain Water District has continually strived to achieve the same effect by providing rural residents with dependable and safe water service.

As Monroe County continues to grow, the Fountain Water District will continue to expand its services to supply more rural customers with water service. Being around for over 3 decades, our mission remains just as clear – to deliver the highest quality water service to rural Monroe County.